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ABWREI's Membership Acceptance Process is not merely quantitative but measurable action drive by qualitative results, to fulfill our five strategic goals for positive global impact. 

Membership consideration is by invitation only.

Reference Letter 

Letters must be typed on 8 ½ x 11 paper and include date, writer’s full name, home, or business address and official handwritten or electronic (time/date stamped) signature. Letter writer must include the applicant’s name in the body of the letter. Suggested letter writers
include employer, co-worker pastor, or spiritual leader.

Pre-MAP Checklist

Prospective Candidates for Membership (PCMs) should thorough review the Pre-MAP Checklist and ensure all requirements are completed prior to submitting your application at the mandatory Information Session.  Professional attire is required.


Using only the current form, prospective candidates for membership are required to submit a fifty word maximum biography. Submissions should be typewritten in third person. Biographies exceeding fifty words will not be accepted.


Using only the current application the candidate must complete it in its entirety. The application must bear the candidate’s legal name and not preferred names, when signing only handwritten or electronic (time/date stamped) signature are acceptable.


A single current photograph submission is required.  Submissions should be in full color with the upper body torso displayed in professional attire.  Photographs which display the hands of a prospective candidate should not be submitted.


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